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How to live the life you’ll always remember...

As any with any great story, ours started with taking risk. Jacques, our founder, started selling “I love Stellies” vests form a backpack at Carnival. Sponsoring our first event, Jacques and Chris (Co-Founder) came up with a shout-out that summarized what the brand represents: “LIVE THE LIFE YOU’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER”.

Undoubtably inspired by the lifestyle of the town, the brand started to grow and evolve… Lock-down was a pivotal period for the brand. The challenge brought with it the adventure of a lifetime as the team had to innovate and circumvent the crisis. The solution came in the form of the bright Red Series 3 Land Rover filled with Stellies merch, going door to door, spreading hope with the Stellies gear that was inside! This paved the way for opening even more stores! The extraordinary experience also made us realize that life is too short not to make an impact.

Our founders and the team are passionate South Africans. We want to live in South Africa and create a better future. For that reason, we make our products in South Africa as far as possible, because we believe in making a difference locally. We also partner with organizations such as Calling Education that are creating a better South Africa for tomorrow.

So, what does “LIVE THE LIFE YOU’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER” mean to you? We say that it’s about taking risk, pursuing adventure, and making an impact. In our book’s if you do this, you’ve lived a life worthy of remembrance. Stellies is for those aspire to do this. So, here’s to the great stories we all can write!


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